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Learn more about TORA

TORA is a rabbinic voice that clearly, unequivocally and unhesitatingly articulates the hashkafa of Orthodox Judaism on timely and timeless issues. Orthodoxy is portrayed too often in the Jewish and general media in ways that are incompatible or not fully representative of authentic Torah positions. As the general society rethinks and revisits traditional values while it contemplates new moral and ethical issues, it is our … Continue reading Learn more about TORA

Statement On UN Security Council Resolution

The Traditional Orthodox Rabbis of America (TORA) strongly condemns the United Nations Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements and those governments that shamefully supported it. UNSC 2334 declared illegal the Jewish presence in the biblical heartland of the land of Israel. This resolution is racist to the core, and leads to the absurdity that Jews must be banned from cities such as Jerusalem, Shiloh, Bet … Continue reading Statement On UN Security Council Resolution