What is TORA?

TORA is a rabbinic voice that clearly, unequivocally and unhesitatingly articulates the hashkafa of Orthodox Judaism on timely and timeless issues. Orthodoxy is portrayed too often in the Jewish and general media in ways that are incompatible or not fully representative of authentic Torah positions. As the general society rethinks and revisits traditional values while it contemplates new moral and ethical issues, it is our duty as rabbis to teach the truths of Torah to all who will listen.

TORA will focus on the critical task of offering an authentic Torah viewpoint to the media and will help counteract those voices that, as we see it, occasionally distort or dilute the Torah’s message. The organization will prioritize being proactive – offering resolutions to problems that loom on the horizon, analysis to the pressing moral issues that beset the Jew in the modern world, and Torah direction on the halachic controversies of our era.

TORA unambiguously supports Torah Min Ha-Shamayim, halachah in substance and methodology as Klal Yisrael has known it for centuries, Mesorah, the Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith, the wisdom of gedolei Yisrael, and the safety and security of the State of Israel.

The Jewish world is crying out for clarity – the clarity that can only be provided by an authentic Torah voice grounded in the Mesorah and respect for Rabbinic tradition. TORA’s objective is to provide that clarity.

Initially, TORA is constituted by an Editorial Board and a membership body of rabbis. Over time, that dynamic will change and TORA will function as an organization with customary protocols.