Statement on Executive Order on Religious Freedom

TORA, the umbrella organization of traditional Orthodox American rabbis, commends President Trump on his Executive Order, “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Freedom.” This executive order is an important step forward in safeguarding the free practice of religion in the United States of America. This great country was founded on faith in the Almighty and has flourished thanks to the freedom to worship Him, each in our own way. Religious communities educate children, feed the poor, build strong communities, and support the elderly and infirm. As Jews, we understand the horrors of religious persecution and bless this country for the haven it has provided to people of all faiths. George Washington wrote to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island that “all possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship.” In recent years, religious rights have come under attack, potentially threatening law-abiding citizens to choose between their G-d and their country. President Trump’s Executive Order begins the process of strengthening religious freedom in this land. We call on lawmakers to continue this progress and “proclaim freedom throughout the land,” so that President Washington’s promise is renewed and “liberty of conscience” is restored.