Statement On UN Security Council Resolution

The Traditional Orthodox Rabbis of America (TORA) strongly condemns the United Nations Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements and those governments that shamefully supported it.

UNSC 2334 declared illegal the Jewish presence in the biblical heartland of the land of Israel. This resolution is racist to the core, and leads to the absurdity that Jews must be banned from cities such as Jerusalem, Shiloh, Bet El, Hebron and Bethlehem that have had Jewish residents since ancient times.  It is an insult to Jews who possess a God-given right to live in their historic homeland, and who  achieved control only through defensive wars – unlike the wars of conquest of those who sat around the table at the Security Council. The resolution is an insult to all who hold the Bible sacred, as their Judeo-Christian legacy is hypocritically erased by the representatives of governments built on the bodies of people they overran in offensive wars of conquest. It is an embarrassment to the UN, which sat by impotently as 500,000 were mercilessly slaughtered in the countries bordering Israel, the only democracy in the region.

This resolution perfectly bookends the perfect record of failure of the Obama administration in Allepo, Iran, Benghazi, and now Israel.

History will judge harshly those who join the ranks of Nebuchadnezzar and Titus in attempting to expel Jews from their land.

We call upon our Christian friends to add their voices of concern for this disrespectful discarding of the Bible, upon which their own foundations rest.

We call on the Israeli government, the incoming Trump administration and fair minded people across the globe to reassert the connection between the Jewish people and its land, and to reject the cynical machinations of the power elites who have been responsible for so much tragedy in our troubled world.